Enter the Back Office and open your 'Customer base'.

To create a new customer, click on the ‘+ Add customer’ button.

The form ‘Add customer’ will open for editing.

You cannot create a client without filling in one of the fields: Name, Number, Address or Email. You can also make some notes about the customer. After clicking on the ‘Save’ button, the  Customer profile will be created.

By clicking on ‘Edit profile’, you can change the Name, Number, Address and Note.

There is ‘Adjust points’ and ‘Delete customer’ buttons in the ‘More’ menu.

You can enter new points balance in the pop-up ‘Adjust points’ form and click ‘Adjust’.


You can also open the existing Customer profile by clicking on the needed customer from the customer base.

If the client specified his/her name in the LoyaltyOcean app, it is displayed in the customer profile but is not editable.

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