Loyverse POS app provides you with the possibility of connecting sale records with customers. It allows you to send receipts to customers via email. If you have already set up the loyalty program, you can give bonus points to registered customers for every purchase, to be redeemed for discounts.

When making sales in the Loyverse POS app, you can sign up a new customer.

Click the ‘Add client’ icon at the top right-hand corner of the sale screen.

In the pop-up window, you can select the existing customer or add a new one by clicking on ‘Add new customer’.

If you add a new customer, fill in the ‘Create customer’ form. Enter your customer's Name, Email, Number, Address and Note. The main identifier of customers is the email, so it is an obligatory field together with the Name. Number, Address and Note sections are optional. Tap ‘Save’.

Check the information about your customer and tap ‘Add to ticket’ at the top-right hand corner.


After the customer is signed up, proceed your sales as usual.
Then in the window after choosing the payment type, you will see a notice that the receipt was sent to the customer via email.

You can return to the sale screen by tapping the ‘New sale’ button.

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